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((can someone tell me where to find the entire yyh fandom? i think i’m lost :c))

Ask me anything Thu, Feb. 21, 2013
thegreatkazumakuwabara Asked:
Yukina~! :D <3

Hi there Kazuma! :)  How have you been?

Ask me anything Thu, Feb. 21, 2013
Anonymous Asked:
hi ice princess i'm yazmina my question is u don't remeber what your twin brother look like? cause i can help u if u want 2? be my friend?

We were separated at a very young age, so I don’t really remember what he looks like. And I’m sure that if I did, he would have aged so much by now that it would be nearly impossible for me to recognize him, I think.. Um, and, I would love to be your friend ^.^ Of course, it’s always nice to know what friends look like.. :)

ooc: For anyone who still follows this blog…

I’m thinking of making an individual rp for Kurama. But maybe more of an ask kura type blog? If anyone reads this, is this a good/bad idea? Ehh?

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I logged into my facebook for the first time in about 2 weeks just now. Not one notification, message, or friend request- Not even those spam invites to play a game.





It’s so empty here… Strange.

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Wow, it’s really surprising to come back to this blog and find many people still active on their RP accounts. I’m really glad you guys were able to hold onto this world, it’s honestly beyond me.

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Happy Trails!

Good night everyone!


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